Golden - student project

I almost didn’t start this class yet, because I’ve got so many other projects I should be finishing... but I’m so glad I did!

These might just be some of my favourite drawings I’ve ever made! I really love this limited palette style of illustration, and as usual, your way of teaching is really inspiring, Liz. And packed with so much valuable info, not to mention the resources and assets - thank you for those!

I haven’t even finished all the lessons yet, but this is what I’ve made so far.

I took a picture of my own hands to use. And I’ve been wanting to make some bee themed art lately, to sort of honour their role on the planet and try to get friendly with them, because have a bit of bee phobia actually.

So I can’t think of much more honouring picture than this gold one! ;)

I might use some ideas I’ve created here in some pattern design too.


Golden - image 1 - student project

and I’m not sure if I like the eye with just red, or red and black best.

Golden - image 2 - student project

Golden - image 3 - student project

and a monochrome tea pot


Golden - image 4 - student project

Edited to add more from the 3 colour juxtaposition lesson. I couldn’t decide on my favourite colour combinations for these! 

Golden - image 5 - student project

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