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Kathy Jean-Joseph

staying golden.



Golden Kah Design

Hi Everyone,

I recently started my business website for graphic design. As a start up website with hopes to soon learn development, I chose WordPress which I've researched to find is a great precursor to it. I am representing myself and I still wanted my website to be considered as having keen design even in my learning process. Though I have used other YouTube videos to help create my base in the last few days I hope that this project will raise my website up many levels as I curate more elements for my creative design and business needs.

**Update : 5/7/2016**

I've been making a few changes because I thought my color scheme was a bit strong and lacking something so I remade my banner and have added the same style to the other pages.






I need help or a plugin for small slideshows. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas?


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