Golden Hour from the Capital

Hello all,

First and foremost, I want to thank Skillshare and Ami Vitale for collaborating and giving us very useful and inspirational content. I had a great time taking all the classes! 

My name is Pierre Edwards and I live In Washington DC. I have been shooting seriously for a little over 6 months. Currently, I shoot with a Canon Rebel t3i with a 50mm 1.8 lens attached to it. My favorite part of photography is the process of scouting and capturing photos. In my opinion it parallels a painter with a blank canvas going through the process of creating a beautiful masterpiece. 

Afer completion of the course, I was very eager to get out and implement some of the tips and tricks Ami revealed to us. So I woke up on a cold early DC morning and went out to the Washington Monument planning capture the sunrise facing the east and the west. My intial two subjects were the Washington Monument and the Abraham Lincoln Monument. As you can see the second subject is not below.

I captured the shot I wanted of the Washington Monument but then when I went to capture my second subject something interesting caught my eye. Some local Army soldiers where doing some early morning training running up and down the steps. In an effort not to be rude I hung back and waited for the right opportunity to shoot them planting myself on a bench not to far from their training seesion. As I sat their patiently waiting the group started to disperse and luckly one of the men walked in my directions. I instantely got nervous but then the soldier approaching shouted "Good morning!" my quick reply back was "Thank you for your service brother". His answer will be something I never forget a short, simple "I would not have it any other way". This exchange seemingly felt like a green light to capture this moment so I snapped about 6 pictures of him walking away. My favorite is below. 

Thanks so much for everybody who took the time to read my narrative above and please feel free to comment below. I would love to hear your opinions on my photos and any tips you guys find useful in the field. Also, if you would like feel free to give me a follow on Instagram (@districtdodger)!

Happy shooting!



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