Golden / Blue

Blue Hour - Taken in Ponce, PR "La Guancha" Using a Phantom 3 Pro, Polar Pro ND4 Filter, f/2.8, ISO 800, 1/25 Shutter. Picture taken at 6:47pm, around 10 minutes after sunset


Golden Hour

F/9.5 1600 ISO 1/4000 Shutter, taken with Nikon D5100 w 18-55mm at around 7:20am in Juana Diaz, PR "Malecón de Juana Diaz" About 45 mins after sunrise.


I got my Camera 3 days ago and this morning was my "first day at photography" I watched alot of videos explaining how to shoot on manual and basic explanation aabout ISO, Shutter and Aperture. I have been making videos with my drone for 4 months or so now, but I'm babyborn when it comes to Photography. Any help would be great, I'm going on vacation this Sunday and I want to be able to throw some decent pictures. So any criticism, any tips that would help me take better photos are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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