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Gold sword

I had nothing in mind when I started the project. I just wanted to do a bit of vector illustration. I'm used to make simple one-color icon but never something like this.

Started the project with this image as a reference.


I made a pretty poor drawing. Was too lazy to use real paper and a scanner and used photoshop instead. It's not easy to draw with the mouse... I didn't care too much, I just wanted the rough idea.


Next step was to draw it in Illustrator. I've come to think that it was too thin. I made it a bit wider.



I really struggled with the colors. Did a lot of tests but settled finally with a gold blade. I encountered problems with the 3d effect too because the shape of the gard was a bit too complex but I kept it that way anyway. I was ok with it being not perfect but next time I'll keep that in mind. I then made the blade a little wider again for a more cartoony look and finished the project.


Thank you for the class. It was fun and I learned a couple of things!


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