Gold Teeth + Diamonds

Gold Teeth + Diamonds - student project

Gold Teeth + Diamonds - image 1 - student project
I really enjoyed this course! I am super new to C4d/3d design in general, I just began learning in November. This course was a bit ahead of my skill set but I dove right in and I'm happy with the results. My background is 'splotchy' and the render took a very long time, probably due to the high poly count on the 'teeth' object I downloaded.

I had tried a previous version, much more direct copy, with orbs and the render was much quicker. 

Gold Teeth + Diamonds - image 2 - student project
The only other thing I couldnt figure out was once the 'render instance' box was checked off, I couldnt individually edit each object or delete the tags. They seemed to stay in thier groups rather than be individually editable under the cloner. Not sure how to get that.

Thank you Patrick, I'm a fan of your work and tutorials and look forward to the next! 

Louis Wu
Musician / Song writer / 3d Fanboy