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Goji Chocolate Chip Gems

STAGE 1 / Moodboard & Concept

I want to design a creative packaging and label solution for these cookies. I think the name "Goji Chocolate Cookie Gems" is creative, and I want to use that as a play on the packaging. They are cute, robust little cookies so I'm a bit conflicted on which way to go in terms of label design. Subsequently, I have come up with two moodboards. Hoping to get some feedback on which would be the better direction.

Moodboard 1

This is my rustic concept, I wanted to include lots of handwritten looking typography, more of a messy, organic aesthetic. Something similar to handwriting. I think this will look more organic and will encompass the whole packaging , not just be reflected on the label.

Moodboard 2

 This one is more geometric, linear and clean. My concept here is to have the packaging be a "gem" represented by a pyramid, the cookies would stack up inside and the label would be pasted on the side.  I am entertaining the idea of having a patter on the pyramid. I think this would be a creative way to show that the cookies are the gems, and make a tight, clean composition.


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