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Taniya Varshney

Artist & Designer



Going with the flow: Applying the class to a real project :)

I started painting exactly 40 days ago, I have painted everyday since. It was part of forming a habit, I happened to pick watercolors because I just love them!! I had not painted since college and with pressures of handling 2 kids and an entire household, there was only so much I was doing for myself. So while I took care of all my other businesses, I let painting take care of me, which is how I landed on skillshare, and to this wonderful class. I now run an Etsy shop and am trying to hone my watercolor skills to possibly own another :) Thank you so much for this class. :) Easy to follow and apply. :) :)

I have fairly simple tools I used. Local Indian Watercolor Paper 140lbs, Mijello watercolor tubes, and local made sable and synthetic brushes and water (ofcourse!)

I made simpler shapes and forms. I limited my palette to a few colors only and here is what I could make. I first made simple bouquets, and then for the final class assignment I made romantic flowers which I intend to use for a wedding invitation suite for a client. 







Thanks again for this wonderful class. 

I will appreciate everyone's feedback :)


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