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Going to the gym regulary

1) What is your habit personality type?

After taking the test, I learned that my habit personality type is actually a mix of an upholder, a questioner and an obliger. The strongest one is the last I mentioned, the obliger. During this class I need to pay extra attention to:

  • Designing strong triggers
  • Designing a supportive environment
  • Picking rewards to reinforce making time for myself
  • Formulating implementation intentions that remind me of MY values when others impose theirs
  • Choosing an accouuntabiility system that provides external pressure in a positive direction

I also need to be extra careful with picking a realistic target, and not an overambitious one, and with intentions that I honestly believe in, so that its easier for me to commit.

2) Why did you sign up?

In March I payed a lot of money for a gym membership because I thought I wanted to go back to living a more active life, like I used to when I was on the swim team. For the first month I went regulary, but then I just stopped and now I just go sometimes, which is sad. Sometimes I cant go because I dont have time to, but other days I just rather go home and do nothing thatn go work out. I would like to change that and feel energetic again.

3) What has been your most consistent good habit in the past?

I think my most consistent good habit in these past years has been taking my makeuo off when I get home. No matter how late it is or how tired I am, I ALWAYS remove my makeup before going to bed, because I know how bad it is for my skin if I leave it there and sleep with it.

For the Habit Loop 2.0:

  1. Go to the gym everyday before or after class
  2. After starting my car


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