Olivia Natale

Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Fine Artist



Going in a bouncy direction

Here's one of my practice sheets (there were a lot)! I tried a few variations on the word "direction".


I might explore some of the other variations later, but for now I ended up settling on the thicker lettering that I made with a copic marker. The bounce is a little more subtle than in the others, but it still counts! ;)


Cleaned up the lines a little in Illustrator and added some color!


(2 slightly different versions)


I think I like the one with the arrows and compass better, but I keep changing my mind. Now I want to add some texture and little illustrations or maybe do a quote with bouncy letters! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

This was a really fun class, and it was super easy to follow! Thanks, Teela :)


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