Going from Taking A Photo to Giving it Purpose | Skillshare Projects

Going from Taking A Photo to Giving it Purpose

1. I started with how I usually take a photo and chose two books I wanted to share with others.


2. I thought of what I was trying to communicate and started adding and excluding things. I already liked this photo a lot better.


3. I was so happy to learn about composition. I had been aligning my focus using the rule of thirds, but I had excessive headspace. This lesson taught me how to fill the picture to convey a lazy sunday. (I also switched to square mode to make it easier on me since I post pictures for Instagram.)


4. Then I learned how to convey emotions and create relationships with the objects and I realized how much deeper this made my pictures. Can you tell who has the closest relationship? ;) I started thinking of these items less as things and more as living beings like in Toy Story or the Brave Little Toaster movies.

a. Worm-view (or caterpillar view because cuter): Closeness


b. Birds-eye view: Sadness


c. Eye-level view: Comfort


d. Wide shot: Conversation


e. Medium shot: Escape (it looks like they're running away from me xD)


f. Close-up shot: Sleeping


5. Then I learned about light and added everything I learned in the final photo. (I also chose a bird's-eye view because it was my favorite.): Sadness and Comfort.



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