Going back to Basics!

Going back to Basics! - student project

when i first got on skillshare i literally just uploaded the course i had on udemy on here.

it's when i learned a lot about the difference of community between platforms - i already knew that we have different reasons while we use one platform over another but when it comes to sharing ideas and teaching and educating it is a different story. i'm not a teacher by trade, i'm a jack of all trades with computers but optimizing the digital journey has always been an obsession of mine.

i look back on this course and realise that i went to big, too broad and to quick. taking time to break things down and reflect on what your giving to people is huge. some tips i've learned in my digital journey so far with skillshare would be the following.

  • people love quick courses they can watch on the commute (they watch till the end)
  • get people up and running quickly - point at the tools
  • give examples of how it could be used, give screencast and live examples
  • be part of the awesome facebook groups available out there (neil shearings is the best!)
  • understand the audience on the platform you put content
  • create your content to be easily movable to other data silos/platforms

i've learned *a lot* in the six months i've been on this platform, met some great people and i realise that i need to give more of the 'hands on' screencasts - walkthroughs, down the tempo a little, not everyone understands this stuff and where it is going too. not just the now but how important it will in the future.

i'm looking forward to putting together a better, cleaner and more polished advocate course in the near future! :)

did you take this course yet? - it's STACKED with content (but it's messy! - working on that!)

Philip Campbell
Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow