Going anywhere, and all over - Mood board

The feeling of action and impact

Really liked Bruce Davidson's work.

Photography that represents movement and transportation always appeals to me because it is dynamic, spontaneous, and difficult to shoot. Also his work shows a life that most will never be a part of.

I had the opportunity Helmut Newton's collection in Berlin and came out inspired to say the least. What made me curious about the exhibition is the impact, power, and sexuality his images communicate. It was raw, lustful, and rebellious.

Time and Context

Rock and Roll photographs from the 60's to mid 80's always interest me due to the parallel lives these dudes got away with living. I always wonder about the time they whn they were shot and the context. Would they have been able to live the same way and have less legal torubles, or more in an increasingly pc and ever connected world. Would this guy be who he is ? 

Contrasting Lifestyles and Realities

Having lived abroad and then coming back to Santo Domingo it's interesting to see contrasting lifestyles. How people react to the modern and old, and how they perceive themselves or others from other lifestyles and realities always creates tension.


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