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Going Dutch on This One...


First, to be clear: I wasn't super thorough on my research. Not sure if this is actually a vintage travel poster, or merely a modern take, but hopefully I'm not violating any copyright protections in my feeble attempt to replicate this cute illustration. Though I must say someone looking over my shoulder thought it was some strange alien with the white cap! ;-) It was very hard to choose, though... And as I shopped at Whole Foods last night, I saw the cover of their montly flyer and decided I might have to give that a go, too.

This one caught my eye because there were clearly a few effects (like the 'weathering' of her shirt, ripples in the water, etc.) that I have no idea how to tackle, despite my practice in Adobe Illustrator (on and off) over the last year. I'll look forward to a little help from my Skillshare friends on how I might cross those bridges when I get there.


Here's where I've netted out thus far.  Feeling pretty annoyed that I can't figure out how to achieve teh "glow" around the figure -- thought I'd be able to figure that one out on my own!   :( :( :(

You can see there are plenty of other bits and pieces I've not quite gotten right and/or started to tackle but felt it was so off, I couldn't bear to continue. (What on earth is the correct effect for the shirt?!)  Feel free to offer up any ideas or suggestions.  Now I'm feeling like I want to abandon this one and do the Whole Foods one I saw last night....

This one also has effects I'm not sure about yet... Actually, you know what? I think I have a couple more videos to watch! Let's see if I might be enlightened!


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