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Going Bold


Hello, My name is Andrew and I'm hoping to create a project that focuses on illustrating data, rather than simply visualizing it with raw bar graphs and whatnot. My main source of inspiration is Nicholas Felton (Feltron) has been for a while. I look forward to illustrating concepts, and working with metaphors to reinforce the data being visualized. 

My thesis focuses on genitals, and deconstructs how they are portrayed visually. The thesis was my main project focused on illustrations that have dimmension and accuracy, while remaining clean. It is also pushing the boundaries of obscenity. From here, these illustrations on the body of work I have has a future in visualizing information in a more illustrative manner. I love medical illustrations, but think there are some huge issues with them, which includes removing sexuality as a function of the body. I hope to encourage a culture that changes this view. Which will ultimately happen by refining my skillset. [Tumblr] [Website] [Society6]

I hope to create something as bold and bodacious as the illustrations mentioned in the introduction. While the subject matter is much more mild, it is ultimately to help refine my skills for the future of my thesis, and for future freelance involving human sexuality and beyond!


Chris Ware's background in Architecture is a huge inspiration for creating dimmensions. I love the line quality of Charles Burnes, and his approach to shading with one color. Stark Contrast in popaganda posters are also wonderful. The edgy and flat illustrations of Dieter Braun's Eat The World, have a style that is so flat, yet gives the illustion of depth. I love it. With these inspirational figures, I hope to reinforce a nice balance of precison and style (that does take away too much from accurate portrayal).

Here is the Pinterest Board for this class: [link]

I also fount this resource called My-Safety Card which is a pretty huge database. Check it out.

Side note: This instruction video is pretty aweosme.

The Chosen

MyCargo Airlines formerly ACT Airlines has old safety cards from 2013, which seem super out of date, and could use some aesthetic uplifting. The rebrand has a color combo I have stayed away from for a while. So it'll be nice to work with it. 

This Airline focuses on Ad-Hoc services. They will transport everything from Hazardous materials to Humanitarian relief packages. They help DHL, and even the Ministry of Defence. With that, I'm surprised by the quality of previous safety cards. I've been unable to find any safety cards after their rebrand.

Rules (self inflicted along with theirs)

  1. Inclusivity: Afghanistan and Iraq are prominent places, their culture should be represented.


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