Gogo Project Sketchbook

Gogo Project Sketchbook - student project

Gogo Project Sketchbook - image 1 - student project

First exercise: Happy with my ball, even if the watercolor one is a bit misshapen. Value is something I struggle with in watercolor and I think I did a decent job here. The cube... is, uh, green.

Gogo Project Sketchbook - image 2 - student project

Before blobs!

Gogo Project Sketchbook - image 3 - student project

After blobs! Maybe I got carried away with these, but most of my previous 'experience' with art is with pencil, so I get carried away easily.

Gogo Project Sketchbook - image 4 - student project

Color! These actually go together better than expected - contrast and harmony are possible. By diluting the green, dulling it with the orange, and placing it next to the orange I could even fake a sky color. It's clearly green on close inspection but looks great taken as a whole. Reminds me of Zion National Park - I may have to paint some landscapes!

Gogo Project Sketchbook - image 5 - student project

And final project. I did a lot of pencil drawing in middle and high school, and now I've only recently gotten into art again over ten years later. If I drew people, they were almost always women - for whatever reason, I found them *much* easier to draw and proportion, so for my final project I really wanted to challenge myself with a male figure. Though it's overworked and I lost a lot of transparency, I'm really happy with the result - my values turned out great, and I think the structure of the class helped me a lot there. I just need to work on making fewer and more mindful strokes to make it look like, you know, actual watercolor. :P


Thanks Arleesha! This class was seriously helpful.