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Godspeed pictures - student project

Godspeed pictures - image 1 - student project

"Godspeed means to wish a prosperous journey"

Godspeed was founded by Director Mr. Robert Honti, a man with a activly creative mind and a music video background. You can check out his work at www.RobertHonti.com, you can also find him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We utilise social media to help circulate our productions through the web, we can also use social media to discover new talent and enable regular people to work on production sets!


Business Problem:  Need to drive more brand awareness to Godspeed pages to increase production, and to eventually become a well recognised company ensuring that celebrities and investors will want to contribute to the company.

Goal:  To increase the traffic to Godspeed pages and brand recognition

Budget:  zilch

Campaign Problem: Why would people want to follow Godspeed pictures? What is the added value to this campaign?



How are other production companies generating awareness for their brand?

Who are you consumers? When do they look for information about Godspeed or the competitors? What sort of people are interacting with big production companies?

What are the product attributes that people are attracted to when they first hear about Godspeed pictures? Why are people attracted to Godspeed pictures in the first place?