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Godliness is Dead

Step 1: Selecting Your Text

I chose the text "Godliness" from Winesburg, Ohio, because it is rich with literary elements.  This is a story about a man abandoning his humanity to seek communion with God based on his belief in greedy Old Testament ideals nigh economic imperialism in a time of progressive industrialization.  I felt like if I could successfully take the strongest subtextual elements of the longest story in Winesburg, Ohio without taking away from the script, and compact it into ten pages while making it my own, then I could potentially create a deep work worth serious consideration by the Skillshare team. 

Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay

Final Draft:


Step 3: Writing Your Logline

A pious, yet morally confused man inherits his family’s farm and must gain commercial success to keep the neighboring institutions from taking over his land so that he can literally speak face to face with a seemingly absent God.


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