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Daria Widermanska

Illustrator & concept artist



Goddess of Life and Truth

Hi everyone :> Time to start designing! My character choice is simple but defined. It's Goddess of Life and Truth from the story I'm writing. I haven't drawn her yet, so I guess it will be a lot of fun.

Her image should be etheral, yet a bit sexy and cold. She's very sincere, yet severe and unforgiving. She wears transparent clothes with feather-like elements. Her main atribute is golden staff with turquoise stone and raven sculpture on it. I also want to put a real raven along with her, because black-featherd birds are her closest companions.

So these are the thumbnails. I'm very fond of the fourth one in the upper row and the first one in the bottom. What do you think?

And here are the guide lines. :>


I chose four thumbs that suited me best and that you liked the most (thank you for the feedback!!). As you see, I'm definitely going for transparent clothes, feather-like elements and lots of jewelery. I really like the second one, though the pose seems very classic and unoriginal. What do you think?

The birds are not yet detailed, I'll take care of them in the next step :)


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