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Goddess Trinise: My Self-Love Class Project


My Self-Love Class Project

I’ve been wearing makeup for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I loved to play “dress up” and pretend I was older. I’d put on high heels, real ones and the plastic ones made for little girls, then I’d strut around the house like I was coming down a runway. I really liked the feeling of wearing makeup. Plus, all of the women I admired wore it too. I remember wanting to be as beautiful as they were. There were so many models on magazines and on TV. I knew that I wanted to be admired just like them.

The problem was that I was already beautiful. But, I just couldn’t fully see it. I knew for sure that I wasn’t ugly. It’s funny how people can tell you that you’re beautiful all your life and you still don’t believe it! Yet, I definitely didn’t feel as pretty without the armour of my makeup. When I was in high school, I wore makeup to school every day. I didn’t dare go out in public with a bare face. I felt naked in a very awkward way!

Within the last five years, I have been increasingly embracing my natural beauty in significant ways. There was an energetic switch that happened within me. The insecure feelings of whether people recognize my beauty or not have faded away. My energy has transformed from an outer awareness to a deeply loving internal knowing. It’s a feeling that is untouchable like a safe and peaceful place where my soul can lovingly dwell.

It’s from this place that gives me the thrill of encouraging and empowering other women to love themselves. All love is based on self-love. The most essential thing you can do is to love yourself. When you do, that love goes out like a ripple effect and touches other people. It’s absolutely magnetic! For sure, it’s the key to attracting unconditional love into your life because you’re already vibrating in it.


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