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Kinsey Engelmann

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God Made Old Country Roads for Drivin' and Dreamin' project

November 25

I just finished inking my final project and here it is!

November 24

I sat down today and worked on another sketch. Most of the changes are to the spacing of the entire layout. First I realized that the dimensions that I was working to weren't going to work. I was going by the size of my paper instead of the size of a frame. If I want to try to sell this I need to make it easily frameable. So I adjusted the design to fit 11x14. This was great because it gave my design more breathing room on each side. I also moved up the signs to give "Drivin' and Dreamin'" more space. Finally I changed the lettering on God and made old because I just didn't like them. Plus I realized that I probably wouldn't get away with not capitolizing God. Let me know what you think!

November 23

I took the feedback that I got on here and from my family and updated my sketch. I changed the top of the sketch. I kept the ribbon but changed the shape of it. I also made the clouds work with the ribbon instead of just tacked on beside it. I changed the type of God because I felt it was too dominant as a bold type with a drop shadow. This feels more airy and whimsical. I rotated the bottom sign just a bit so that the two signs no longer look like they are on the same plane. It gives it a little more dimensionality. I italicized drivin' a little so that it looks like it's a little more in motion and I completely redesigned dreamin so it looked less feminine but still dream like.

It's definitely getting better but I've still got things to fix. I need to rotate the ribbon so that it lines up better with the top sign and the bottom text. I also want to adjust some of the spacing (especially with the and). I will probably also move the sign up so that drivin' and dreamin' aren't so squished.

Also here are some of my sketches for Dreamin'. In the top one I was playing with what to fill the letters in with. I had no intention of doing a different filler in each letter for the final. And in the last one I realized after that I forgot the "a" in dreamin' after I finished.

November 21

It took a little while but I finally got my sketches finished. I ended up only choosing 3 of the 4 that I had favorited. Partially because of time and partially because the more I looked at it I didn't like the 4th one. My favorite of these is the one with the signs but I also like the last one where Country Roads is in the clouds. 

November 10

I spent some more time sketching this past week. I tried to concentrate more on bold letters and trying to write on a curve. My first attempt at a curve didn't go so well as you can see by the one on top. I like the style I just got off center. But the one underneath it worked much better.

I also got my thumbnails done. I've made word association lists for projects in the past but I have never found it as helpful as I have for this project. Having the list was a huge help in coming up with ideas for my thumbnails. I tried to do a variety of styles. I tried to do some that just focused on the words and some that had imagery. I tried to play with the imagery of winding roads, nature, and old road signs. I really like the idea of the old road signs so I will do one of my sketches with that idea. I also want to play with the nature imagery in a sketch as well as just focusing on the text. I've chosen the 4 thumbnails with stars next to them to do larger.

November 5

Here are my first attemps at handlettering sketches. I feel like I need more diversity in the ornamentation in my drawings so I'm going to keep sketching. I also really want to try to do some on a curve but I ran out of space on the page. Next page of sketches I guess. I'm also going to play with more bold letters. I was having fun with script in this round but I love how the bold one stands out even though it's a lighter drawing than the others.

November 3

I'm getting started late but I finally have time to really devote to this project. I have chosen a line from the song Two Lanes of Freedom by Tim McGraw. It's "God made old country roads for drivin' and dreamin'". I picked this quote because when I first heard this song it really hit home. I had just gotten back from a road trip to DC which took us through my home state of West Virginia. I didn't realize how much I missed the feeling of freedom that the winding back roads causes until I drove through them with the windows down and the radio up. I knew when I heard the lyric I had to do something creative with it and this is my opportunity.

I've just finished my mood boards. I focused on vintage travel signs, postcards, and bumper stickers. I've also tried to find some fonts with a southern flare without being obnoxious fonts.


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