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Kinsey Engelmann

Artist/ Illustrator



God Made Old Country Roads for Drivin' and Dreamin' Color

January 24

Well after several days I still like the design below so it's my final design! I'm happy with it and am excited to move on to other projects. I'm going to sell a limited number of posters in my shop on Etsy. Here's a photo of it printed.

January 15

I stepped away from my project for a few days because it was driving me crazy. I couldn't get the textures and colors right for Drivin' and Dreamin'. I came back to it today and things started clicking. I've been considering adding trees to the bottom for a while now and I added them today. That helped to solve my problem with Dreamin'. I was able to make Dreamin' a lighter color. I decided to make the outline of Drivin' yellow to look more like the road. I also changed the texture in the ribbon. I think It looks much better.

January 6

After a lot of thought into the color scheme I decided on the blue sky version. I chose this one because I felt that it better told the story that I wanted to tell. The middle of the day with clouds in a blue sky is my favorite time to drive so I wanted to visually represent that. Here is my first round of textures. I really like the sky and the wood textures. I think the ribbon texture needs more work. I also like the texture in Dreamin' but it's not super readable. The "v" in Drivin' also gets lost so I need to work on that.

January 4

I finally finished my color studies for my project. I'm not sure I like them but at least I've got a couple. I feel like I should go a little bolder with the colors but I still want to keep a natural feel to the color scheme. My mood board was full of old travel posters and postcards. The Yellowstone and Canada posters were my main color inspirations.

Here are my color studies. I think the top right and bottom left are strongest. I am planning on doing a gradient in the background on top of the textures I'll add next. I really like the idea of sunrise in the background instead of it being mid-day. I also changed the size of the signs in the bottom two because they felt too small compositionally.

December 16

I'm continuing on with my project from Handlettering I which was the quote "God Made Old Country Roads for Drivin' and Dreamin'". This was my final ink drawing from the last class.

After watching the first few videos I realized that I needed to reink it without the extra line weights and do it in layers. This was harder than I thought. I haven't worked with this project in a few weeks so I was a little rusty drawing the letters and I kept just getting in a zone and drawing all of the details instead of breaking it up. Eventually I ended up with these three sketches. I had to put "Dreamin'" on a separate page because I messed it up on the first one and didn't want to redraw the entire thing.

After scanning it in it was easy to replace the messed up "Dreamin'" with the better one. I also decided not to use the hash marks on the signs. I cleaned all that up in Illustrator. I'm using Illustrator CC so the Live Trace options were completely different. I had a lot of trouble trying to Live Trace it but still make it feel hand drawn. I'm not sure I really achieved it but hopefully I'll figure it out with a little research and practice.


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