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God Complex

So the idea I have is thst angels and demons are not real at least not in the sense that we know. The story of Cain and Abel is actually much different than we are told. Cain and Abel's decendants are the Angels and Demons but they have no super powers just super egos. They are 2 families struggling for power in a war the world doesn't know about.

Updated the drawings a bit and added names.

Raphael (Protagnist)- former "Angel" decided he didn't want to be part of the clan anymore and decided to join the "human" world. Is a direct descendant of Abel and was in line to be the head of the family. He works as a detective for the Houston Police Department.

Ureil (Antagonist)- Raphael's Brother and current head of the family. Leader of the "Angels" and is furiosu with his brother for turning his back on his family/duty. Known as the toughest fighter of the family and a leader but is unsure of himself in his position.

Gabriella (Love Interest/sidekick)- Gabriella is a Houston Police Department Detective, a legacy her father was a cop. Gabriella is good at her job but unfullfilled, she has on more than one occasion turned down cases due to their lack of intrigue. She is smart, tough and curious and she eventually requests to be partnered with Raphael after they cross paths when she investigates a case involving "Angels".

Story: Angels and Demons are real! Sort of. The direct descendants of Cain and Abel are fighting each other for control of the world. When Cain killed Abel the 2 families split off and became "Angels and Demons". Angels are decendansts of Abel while the Demons are from Cain's side. For thousands of years they have been secretly fighting for control of the world. Using magic, illusions, storytelling and people's own fears against them they have been manipulating the world for their own cause.


First Rough Panels for the Action Script. It was tough trying to show the action in a believable way but I think it reads well. Obviously when I work on the final I will clean up the panel size and work to be more crisp. I combined panels 4-5 and I think I will change the window panel to either an exterior shot or just a less zoomed in version. Thanks


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