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Goblin Shaman

1. Concept & Silhouettes

I went with a goblin shaman type fantasy character. I always have a fun time working on tribalistic and primitive creatures/characters and felt I could explore some really interesting armor and pattern design with this project.

2. Refining

I went with the feedback I got and picked 3, 7, 8 and 9. During the process I drastically ended up changing number 8 to a more upright version with a large shield. Number 9 I started shaping out the details and but knew early on I wouldn't like it any more than the first 3 and preferred to focus on them.

Let me know what you guys think, any feedback is appreciated!

3. Variation

I appreciate everyones' feedback. I'm probably going to finalize all of the round 2 characters eventually. That being said, for this project's purpose I decided to bring #3, the bone helmet guy into Phase 3: Variation. I have 4 different options, let me know what you guys think of them, thanks!

4. Finishing Details

Looking back, I had a pretty large value range back in step 2, and probably shouldve kept it closer to medium gray up until phase 4. I went with the 'Witch Doctor' of the last step and since I pushed values a little early, it didn't look much different except for a few details. I also decided to add color in PhotoShop. 

I really liked some of the other characters I passed over so I might go back to them eventually. Anyway, I appreciate all the feedback I got throughout the project, and here's the final:


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