Goblin Kings

Goblin Kings - student project

Goblin Kings

Goblin Kings - image 1 - student project

  Goblin Kings has each player running a tribe of goblins.  Players will be competing to build their dungeons with workshops, traps and treasures while gathering resources, raiding villages and stealing from other players.  The first player to build and fill 4 treasure rooms in their dungeon wins.

Goblin Kings - image 2 - student project


Deck Building - (Dominion) & Limited available actions (Agricola)

Event Cards -The game revolves around taking actions which can be done through the currently available event cards or through your own dungeon rooms.   3 event cards will always be available each turn, each containing the action description(Gain a resource, build a new room) and its cost (2 Labor, 3 Bones).   A new event replaces a used event at the end of a players turn.

Turns- Turns consist of choosing one action from the 3 available event cards, paying its cost from your hand, and taking its action.  Players may also take actions from their available rooms in their dungeon.

Rooms- Rooms are single cards that make up a players dungeon.  They act similar to the event cards but they are actions only available to the owning player and may be taken any turn(if their cost is paid with resources from their deck).

Deck -  Player's decks contain resource cards and unit cards (laborers, soldiers).  Players draw 3 cards from their deck into their hand.  Players may use only those 3 cards to pay for actions on their turn in addition to any cards they have stored in their treasure rooms.

Treasure Rooms - Player's treasure rooms are room cards that a player may store one card in to be used in later turns.  Storing cards in your treasure rooms has its risks though; other players may attempt to raid your dungeon and steal your stored card.

Raid- Players may take a raid action if the card is available which allows them to raid a player of their choice. The attacking player will choose which cards to send from their hand on the raid while the defending player will choose which units from their hand will be defending.  Whoever has the greatest attack strength wins the raid, either succesfully defending the raid or succesfully stealing an opponents stored treasure cards.

Winning- The first player to build 4 treasure rooms in their dungeon wins.

Goblin Kings - image 3 - student project

My thoughts on the design

The main mechanic of the game relies on having randomly decided limited options available and forcing the player to decide on the best course of action given their hand that turn plus their stored cards.  Players can improve their ability to expand their resources by buying dungeon rooms which will give them more available choices each turn and abilities that other players wont have.

Treasure rooms allow players to think about future turns and keep cards ready to be used for more expensive purchases on future turns.  It also works to give other players incentive to attempt raids to steal from dungeons.  Most likely players will be storing cards they need in the treasure rooms to be used on later turns making thieving from other players that more rewarding.  Players win the game by building treasure rooms. This allows them to store more cards (effectively increasing their hand size) while at the same time making them  bigger target to steal from because they have more treasure to gain.  This makes the game harder for players who are in the lead.

One of the resources available is Chaos which is unique in that it can only be obtained by attacking other players or using cards that attack villages (attack works the same just not against a player)  This encourages players to attack at least a little instead of just turtle the whole game.(I want the game to encourage players to play like goblins)

Where Im at

I'm currently about 75% of the way through building a playable prototype.  Which is inevitably going to be completely unbalanced because the pricing will take a few play throughs to figure out. Im currently just making almost random guesses at pricing just to get the game to a testable state.  Ive already ran the game a few turns alone and the mechanics are working well enough to play a few turns with.  I started doing some sketches for the game already (as seen above)  as I'm primarily an illustrator/animator so Ill be posting new art up here as I go.

I'm interested to hear people's thoughts or suggestions. I'm continually telling myself to simplify, simplify, simplify so Im open to modifiying or trashing whole sections of the game if they end up being too complex or out of scope for the project.