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Goat creature

Below is my revised creature. I used a sepia prisma color and black for the chain. I draw over the body for the chain, so the chain is weak.

How is my anatomy on this one? I tried not to do any fur. Only around the hoof and face. Going after muscle tone. thx.

The image below, image 2, I have reworked with Mike’s directions plus I added a broken chain to give his hands something to do. Fur/hair is giving me trouble. Really not sure how to handle it. I have tried some other ways which will be image 3 and image 4 below.

Image 3 reworked the fur. Forgot the chain in this one

Image 4 reworked the creature to get it more like the image in my head. Its a cross between a goat and an orangutan. Wanted the upper body to be more ape than human. The chain is back and goes under his hoof. Did not work on the fur much on this one. 

I am open for input and suggestions.

thank you


Mike, thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with us. I know I am looking forward to more lessons. Do you think in the future it would be possible to do a demo on creating a game cover or poster design, form client brief to concepts. Looking at all your work is in the commerical world is just awesome and inspiring.

This is a creature that has been in my mind lately. So I thought I would use it for my character. I have gone through many sketches and this one is the closest to the image in my head. But not there yet. Any advice on getting what is in your mind down on to paper?

It seems that most of my drawings get muddy or dirty by the end. Even when I redraw them. I am using an HB pencil. 

Any comments on position, anatomy or feeling are most welcome.

I did pick up a copy of the how to draw animals book by jack hamm. Very good reference thank you Mike.

Thanks guys,


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