Goan church

Goan church - student project

I've been doing design for years, few posters here and there but mostly corporate stuff focusing on colors, layout, an typography. Never considered myself an illustrator or even capable of doing any, even for a second. But you, Hayden, really inspired me with your vids, so being at the moment in Goa, India I went out and snapped a pic of a church and rebuilt it in Illustrator with shapes only except for the roof part, I've probably been doing it the wrong way and there definitely an easier one to create those twirls if you, or someone can tel me how you would've don't that, I'd be very happy. Overall it turned out not that hard!!

It was harder to nail the texture and shades the way you covered in your other class. I've definitely learned a lot and start seeing things in shapes.

Thanks man, you're the best!

Goan church - image 1 - student project

Goan church - image 2 - student project

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