Goals? I have plently of those, who doesn't.
This week I ran my first 5k ever, I even ran past it, and for someone who could never even run the straight sides of the track in high school thats a big deal. I could barely run a mile a month ago, and hardly could run a quarter mile a month before that. I just tied on my running shoes, listened to my favorite songs, and ran. Setting small goals for myself. "I'll see how I feel at a half mile" "oh ok I feel fine I'll keep going, see how I feel at a mile" *hits one mile* "I feel great, let's see how I feel at the halfway point" *hits half way point* "I've made it this far I can finish the whole 5k, and I did, not only that but with holding a pretty good steady pace the whole time, with hills.

So Goals:
1)work up to a 10k, then 10 miles, eventually a half marathon. One day a full one
2)lose another 40 lbs
3)Increase flexibility
4)Increase Upper Body, Back, and Core Strength
5)Eat and cook fresh every day, no more take out

Strong is Sexy


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