Goals for Artful Rebels 2020

Goals for Artful Rebels 2020 - student project

This was such a good exercise. Instead of randomly creating patterns or following prompts from online groups, I now have a clear goal and direction. I have a pretty good start so I'm confident I can make at least 50. I'm printing this and posting it near my computer.

Goals for Artful Rebels 2020 - image 1 - student project

November 2019 Update:
Wow! Taking existing patterns, creating a couple coordinates to go with them, and creating presentation sheets takes time, more than I thought. I have about 18 done and they're taped to my wall so I can see my progress. Here's one that I recolored. The coordinates are totally new. 

Goals for Artful Rebels 2020 - image 2 - student project

I have officially signed up for the show so it's 'do or die' time. Oh, I've found out that I stink at creative naming. Lol.

Denise Ortakales
Illustrator, Surface Designer, Hand Letterer