Goals for 2013

I want to do the things I've never been able to do before:

-10 push-ups

-Pull-ups - even 1 would be amazing

-Run a mile

-Hold a plank for at least one minute

But in general I want to be healthier, I don't want to be out of breath after climbing a flight of stairs, I want to be less flabby and have more energy - and I want to have fun doing it.

I am currently doing the Zombies 5K program to help me meet and exceed the "run a mile" goal. It is fantastic and some of you might have seen me singing it's praises in some of the Fito group posts.

For push-ups, I've tried the 100 push-up program but even just doing kneeling push-ups, found to to be beyond my ability. Then I tried the Improve Your Push-Ups plan at LovingFit.com, which I had more success with, but I was only able to 2 regular push-ups at the end of the program. I plan to pick this program up again once I hit level 25 on Fito. I get most of my Fito points from upper body work and this program asks that you only do the PUs for the program week.

My planking goal ties into my push-up goal, as it'll help me get stronger and be able to hold the proper PU position. I am currently at 46 seconds.

Pull-ups are on the back-burner until push-up goal is met.

To meet my more general goals, I try to do whatever feels right for that day. Upper body strength training, DDR for legs/cardio, kettlebell swings, leg presses, Zumba, general fitness walking and so on. I need a lot of variety and I am not the type that can do one video over and over again. I will continue to push myself with these various activites, increasing intensity and trying to surprise myself with awesomeness. :)


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