Goals and Habit tracking

I have been an avid learner viewing various courses online but hardly a deliberate worker (only when the job requires) due to procrastination and laziness among other things. Because of that i feel like the skills i had learnt were wasted because it wasn't utilized or i had forgotten it due to time.

Three Goals

Out of the 25 goals, i have pick this three:

  1. Become a 3d Artist
    • My current job profession is in the 3d artist side, but job that i am in does not requires me to do that much of my work which put me in the position of not honing my skills and falling behind the industry standard.
  2. Get really good at sketching from imagination
    • Drawing it down has always help me to visual how to go about in my work but before that, i used to like drawing randomly and wanted to get back into the habit of doing it despite how it turns out.
  3. Getting fit
    • Other than to look good, i want to keep up my strength since my day to day life doesn't really have that much labor work and also to still be fit even at an old age. Plus i always wanted to have some tone abs

Smaller Goals

The breakdown and steps for each goals are as followed:

  1. Become a 3d Artist
    • Create something simple (40 mins - 1 hour) to be more familiar with the tools, keep the habit of creation and also to be quicker after each succession. Could be either
      • Modelling
      • Sculpting
      • Texturing
    • Near the end of the week, having a complete model done to show case for portfolio and online forum
  2.  Get really good at sketching from imagination
    • Participate in Inktober just to enjoy drawing while reducing my expectation in order to keep the habit going
    • Putting 30mins of my time into sketching and when i am feeling more confident, increase my time to 45 mins
      • Anatomical studies from real life reference or other artists' breakdown
      • Doodle something fun and random. no thought or planning involved; just let the pencil do the work.
      • Carry a drawing book (A5 is better) just to draw something from observation or even have it at home to draw from the screen.
  3.  Getting fit
    • Go to the gym
      • Perform 5 to 8 exercises on each day
    • Create a list of exercises I will be working on and take note of the progress

Tailor my environment

  • At home workspace
    • Clean up clutter and random  paper notes on my workspace
    • Drawing tools and sketch pad in paper drawers that are placed at the end of the table for easier access and organized
    • Graphical resource and reference books especially teaching books are in book shelves in the room with spare drawing materials in placed
    • Having headphone close by for musics to remove surrounding distraction.
  • Library/study area
    • Going to the various libraries for different environment
      • No internet access is preferred so that i won't be going online and getting distracted
      • Plan in advance what i am going to work on the following day and get all my resources prepared.
  • Gym
    • Joined a 24 hours franchised gym that has many outlets especially one that is close by my house


Pain Point

  1. Weariness/laziness/mood-effect
    • Due to long day at work or feeling lethargic
    • Mood being affected whenever i had a fight with my other half or made her sad.(LDR)
  2. Perfectionist Syndrome
    • Discourages me from improving my work since i don't feel like it is good enough and creates anxiety because i don't feel like i have enough time to improve
  3. Distraction/Procrastination
    • Losing focus when my mind wanders and diverting my attention onto other things that catches my eyes
    • "Why do it today when you can do that tomorrow" kind of attitude

Mitigating and Solving it

  • Exercising seems to helps elevate my mood while making feel relax and able to be active for abit longer.
  • Using the Pomodoro Technique although increasing it to 50 mins work and 10-15mins break
    • Helps to give my mind a break and stay focus in bite size
    • Useful for my day to day work as well and it was mentioned to perform it at most three time in each day
  • Learn to enjoy the process of the work i am doing rather than judge each step especially for sketching
    • Being mindful that it is alright if it does not turn out good at first

Habit Tracking

For tracking my habits, the 2 weeks method using pen and paper is the preferred choice since the book will be accessible and close by. Plus i can take it along with me to draw something whenever i am out and about.

Daryl James
3D artist in the making