Goal Sheet

Goal Sheet - student project



Sam Carroll

Personal Goal:

Write at least one content personal content piece per week (blog post or short narrative) and one well researched history essay every two months outside of work.

Professional Goal:

Develop an understanding of the craft in preparation for eventual full time work when I get out of the Navy in 2 years.

My Freelancing ‘Why’:

Independence of working on my own; not restrained by physical locale requirements or chain of command.  Ability to thrive without extensive contact with other people.  Ability to potentially have an educational impact despite being an extreme introvert.

My Desired Content:

Content dealing with History, Woodworking, Personal Growth  (Potentially other, more lucrative fields, as I research and understand them more)

My Desired Rate(s):

Hourly: $30

Project: TBD

My Bandwidth/Time Estimate:

8-10 Hours per week while still in Navy (depending on deployment and underway schedule)

Full time after Navy; potentially part time at first if “day job” deemed necessary for initial financial sustainment.



Website (if applicable):


My Social Media (if applicable):