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Goal Design: Accomplish Outrageous Goals You Never Thought Were Possible

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Here is my class description:

How many times have you set a goal only to be disappointed that you didn't reach it in time, you didn't accomplish it, or frankly you just forgot about it? This class will show you how to plan your work and work your plan so that you can actually see results for the goals you set. You can accomplish all your goals by creating the goal design worksheet in the class project.

I have a passion for guiding people to achieve their dreams and the best part is watching your dreams come to life. I will give you all the tools necessary to create the best goal design worksheet and have it come to life!

Here is my class project :

Goal Design Worksheet Creation


Your assignment is to achieve one goal by creating a goal design worksheet. 

Bonus: Achieve more then one goal! 


1. Post what goal or goals you are setting out to accomplish

2. Create & post your goal design worksheet

3. Share a picture of the result you produced!

Link to Outline

Link to Class


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