GoWrite - student project

X and Y

An free online platform, accassible on a pc and tablet, for writers to collaborate, share, review and most importantly write!

Customer Feedback

Customer 1 (elderly writer): "Yes, that sounds good, but you willneed a way to control whats going on if you know what i mean. I would certantly consider the platform, as long as its easy, yoou see Iam no brilliant with all this new technoligy! (laughs) Yes infact, it could be good for introducing me to computers!

Customer 2 (teacher): "We dont really use computers in our english department, but I could see this hapening. Not only for our children to sharestories but it could be a better homework system. I do think some inaprpraite content could be posted, which our children should not see. But at the moemt we would not be too fussed about it."

Customer 3: (child)  (Do you like writing stories) Yes! I like writing everythng! (Do you show your friends) sometimes, they like them very much (Do you use a computer) My mummy lets me on it for homework (Do you think you coud write storis on the computer, then show your friends?) If you can have pictures then yes.

Biggest Promblems

  • Saftey and Explicit Content
  • Cant draw Pictures
  • Might be hard to use