GoPro - student project

GoPro is fast establishing themselves as an essential tool for any wannabe adventure hero (myself included). As the brainchild of an American surfer on an Australian surf tour in 2002, the concept was born in the back of a VW van and brought to life on a shoestring (quite literally, see history here:

Founder Nick Woodman was hoping to capture quality action photos of his surfing, but could not because amateur photographers could not get close enough, or obtain quality equipment at accessible prices. His desire for a camera system that could capture the professional angels inspired the 'GoPro' name.

Since then, GoPro has made headway into pretty much every adventure sport there is with countless attachable mounts, yet the device itself still remains relatively simple. GoPro continues to successfully leverage the powers of many communication tools and allign themselves with key brand ambassadors - so i'm excited to dig a little deeper and explore the brand through the consumers eyes!

For those of you who aren't familiar with GoPro, then this super impressive promo reel should give you a pretty good idea:


GoPro on Twitter:



Interesting article that addresses company finances, future and competition. Also addresses the idea that GoPro's are no longer just being used for thrill seeking, but even things such as education.

The idea that GoPro lets user generated content do the talking for their brand. This link comments on some interesting statistics around sales, viewing patterns and sharing mediums.

The popularity of the GoPro YouTube channel can be seen in the total channel views chart below. Nearly 200,000,000 views and growing faster than all the competition put together. In fact, if we exclude celebrity and media channels, GoPro has one of the highest view counts of any brand, behind Red Bull and Old Spice.”

Benjamin Juzwin

Digital Strategist at Jack Morton