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Go wisely and slow

Wow, I've learned a lot about using the pen tool with this project. I can't count how many anchor points I have deleted. I think if I were to start vectorizing this from scratch I would have done a couple things differently but I'm pretty happy with the end result. Added some nautre accents to get the right feeling I was going for. Still might revise and fine tune, feedback would be so awesome :)

I've started vectorizing my quote, adjusting and tweaking as I go. This still needs a fair amount of work with kerning, letter sizing, etc. Not going to work on the flourishes until I'm happy with the letters I think. Definitely starting to figure out the less anchor points you use, the better. That way the lines turn out less bumpy. Feedback would be very welcome!

Here is my first draft using a graph and dotted paper. This is definitely rough and needs some refining. Don't know if I'm satisfied with the upward slope of 'wisely' or if the font should be a little less italic. Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

For my project I decided to go with the phrase "Go wisely and slow" from a song by The Staves. The whole verse is "trouble's in tow, go wisely and slow." I want this project to convey a sense of wisdome, and have an earthly/organic feel to it, as the song is very accoustic, mostly without instruments at all. 

I think I'll stick to a copperplate type style for the font, I love the look and timelesness of it and I think it will be consistent with the personality I'm trying to achieve. 

Here's a page of sketches I just finished to get an idea of how I want to lay out words, playing with little fern/leaf flourishes. This is mostly more just cursive writing, wasn't paying too much attention to the lettering aspect itself.


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