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Go outside and PLAY poster

I'm super excited to be taking this class. You are awesome! 


You may notice that half of the page looks different than the other. I watched half the video, painted and then watched the rest of the video. I also colored half of the stem on one of the leaves.Oh well great practice!

I also had trouble keeping the puddle of water and adding paint to this? Does that make sense? Oh I did add a little salt.



Practice with transparencies and color blending. Please excuse the terrible pictures


Masking Fluid

I just want to say that this is the first time I used this stuff. I walked past it many times at the store and had this idea of what is it used for and maybe I need to try it....not sure why... and here we are thanks Ana! Wetting your brush every 30 seconds helps. I had a big ball of a dried up piece of glue. The masking fluid was thick at first but I shook it a bit.  Please tell me what I can improve on.  I should have listened to that curiosity before.  

I was embarrassed with showing my mess but, I'm more embarrassed for my little tantrum.


I should have used negative space for the moon.



I need to play with different size brushes.

I am proud of this piece. I  do see a few things I need to fix the nest time I paint it...


I loved looking up at the clouds and trying to identify the shapes...I still do and wanted to explore this.

I love the idea of making clouds by simply painting and then using a cloth to pick up the paint leaving these fabulous clouds.

Here is a sample of this.




I wanted to practice your method here and started with this painting and then almost threw it away. Thank goodness I came to my senses.


I love the colors. I will play around with this some more.


Tried to work in the shapes here. Well I had fun for my first try.  Clearly I went wrong here but I just had to share it. I  used the wrong brush and needed to use darker shades of  blue.  I will use shades of blue the next time I do this.

One more try and so glad I did


Much better... I used a paper towel to create clouds and I love the texture I created. The very top is with practice and gives me lots of ways to play in terms of creating those lovely shapes that I love looking at in the sky.

Need some more clouds on the bottom but not bad for thinking this is a loser let's throw it out.


Here is my experiments.

There were more but oh darn I erased them. Sorry


I love the alcohol one and the glitter the best.

You can see the glitter better here.


I am so in love with the idea of creating big letters with the alcohol!




Cloud update!




Here is what I used.

 I used acrylic paint and pens. Yes lettering is included in my future practice okay.


I am excited with all that I have learned in this class! I have learned so many skills and need to keep on painting. I often blog my experience here  

Thanks Ana for an amazing class and thank you classmates for creating awesome work!




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