Mireya .




Go With the Flow--Stand Out Together

I have been working on this piece for ome time now.I am not ure where theey are. I was feeling this love an here we go.

I have been working on my art habitually for two years now. I love art and have been doing since I was a kid. Recently it found me. Its one of these if you let it go and it comes back to you its yours forever love stories.

I love the people in my life and the job I get to do everyday and the  art I can create. I want to live up to people's expectations in a sense. Well the people and circumstances that matter to me the most. Sometimes things happen and you have to go with thwe flow.  Don't you have to stand out to to do it your way! Don't you need love to make that happen?

Rule of Odds?  I used color to create a focal point for the fish leading the reader to the fish that stands out and then reading the words. I want to give the reader a fun chance to think aobut this question.


Another idea an the elements and principles I used


I was trying to play around with rhythm here but not sure. I do like the color and the heart .


Okay so I have been studying design and art history. I wanted to re create a design and here it is. I just thought about what message I wanted to convey and put together the elements.

July 19 2016


Swim Flow have a wonderful time but equally own up to your awesomeness!!




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