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Go WIth Your Gut Health

In ten sentences or less, write down your business model.

Go With Your Gut Health provides a variety of health coaching services and research intended to assist consumers in making better health choices with a primary focus on autoimmune conditions arising from inflammation, such as Hashimoto’s and rheumatoid arthritis.

Services offered will include:

  • Free research/recommendations on food, kitchen products, supplements, home gym products, exercise, practitioner modalities – via website, YouTube
  • Health coaching sessions – individual or group, in-person or via Skype
  • Public speaking engagements – in-person or via Skype
  • Specific research/recommendations on big-ticket health-related products and equipment, e.g. home gyms, kitchen appliances
  • Health book condensations
  • Pantry clean-out and restock – in person or via Skype, email, etc.
  • Products we believe in via our store

List the assets you have or will acquire

  • Extremely well-stocked kitchen
  • Extensive home gym, including sauna
  • Extensive health and cookbook library
  • Computers, tablets, smart phones
  • Projector for public speaking
  • Partnership in organic farm
  • Memberships in several professional organizations

List the human resources you will contribute or hire

  • Lily Fortin – health coach with 2 (soon to be 3) certifications, psychology and anthropology background
  • Mare Pendleton – tech factotum – tech coach, website developer, marketing newbie

We’re both research-oriented and embrace change. We’ve been exchanging ideas since meeting at NYU many years ago.

Describe who your customer is and what the customer gets from doing business from you

  • Someone with an autoimmune condition – e.g. Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Someone that dealing with Autism
  • Someone that’s seen numerous traditional physicians and
    • still doesn’t feel well
    • gets a new diagnosis every week
    • gets a new prescription every week
    • gets conflicting advice from every new doctor they see
  • Someone that’s getting older and is no longer in good shape
  • Someone that want’s to feel better using natural means – nutrition and exercise
  • Most likely female and over 35 with health issues and disposable income

And finally, outline what part of this is hard, which part is unique, and how you're going to repeat it again and again

We have the research. We’re developing the tech skills.

There’s a lot to learn or organize regarding on-line marketing –

  • writing compelling content
  • developing newsletters
  • SEO optimization
  • affiliate marketing
  • advertising
  • guest bloggers
  • social media coordination – FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn

The autoimmune space is not packed.

There are a few sites dealing with the science. Our offering will differ in that it will:

  • translate the science into terms the lay person can appreciate
  • emphasize the functional aspect of our recommendations – listening to one’s body, as opposed to blindly following the instructions of others
  • be fun

As to repeatability – new research comes to light every day, new health recommendations, etc. This site will evaluate such claims in relation to autoimmune conditions.


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