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Go The Extra Mile

I selected an idiom that was positive. I like "go the extra mile," because it suggests movement, positivity, and a sense of place or position. Being a map person, I immediately go towards the more literal sense of spatial relationships: miles, driving, and getting from point A to B.  The idiom also suggests my hopes for customer service - doing something a little extra.


My sketches of ideas went several different directions. Many about travel, place, and more literally maps: place and thing related. Others more reminiscent of customer service: people related images.



I wasn't happy with the first round and thought a lot about it. Below is the second round of sketching, but I seem to have a creative block.


My favorite option is the one below, because it feels the most 3D. I felt that none of the options were clear enough wihtout words of the idiom.  But there is still something missing.  Any suggestions?



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