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Go Tell It on the Mountain

FINALLY! Now that I've gotten  my images small enough to upload, would y'all be kind enough to offer some input/feedback?  Appreciate it a tone.   ( I confess to being old enough to recall when the internet was text only.)  This project will be used as postcard- style poster invite to an event.  Please and Thanks!

My 7 yr old lives the song Go Tell It on the Mt. This struck me as short enough to hand letter, and had some illustration potential. Important for me -i'm a mom & an RPh. I am trying this for fun. I'm having trouble uploading images under 2MB w/ my phone to share w/ you any tips?? Here are my lists;


mts; hill; shout; megaphone; sing; roads; globe; Amdu people; Papu New Gunea; shepards; night manger angels wathcing


vintage travel poater; national park poster


3-4 color max...keep it muted like those vintage posters

vanilla yellow/creme, forest green & and lighter tone?  maybe a rusty red


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