Go Roller Skate

Go Roller Skate - student project

Go Roller Skate - image 1 - student project

Go Roller Skate - image 2 - student project

I never realized how sloppy my cursive was. After a little extra practice I ended up with something legible. I felt that an upward tilt made the text more dynamic, almost like it's ready to roll. The words interacted better stacked instead of on one line.

The tilt did make setting up the guide slightly more complicated. Luckily it was at an almost perfect 60 degrees so I was able to snap the points to 60 degrees as well after a preference change. 

I am least happy with the E's. They seem like just a loop and less like an E. That goes back to the way I write as well. I would like to work on my typography projects, maybe it will transfer to nicer handwriting :)

Caitlin Crowley

Give me roller-skates and coffee