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Go Pixel Yourself: Modern Cross Stitch

Forget knitting in a coffee shop. Once you learn the basics of counted cross stitch and how to read a pattern, you'll be able to enjoy this creative hobby anywhere, even from the middle seat of an airplane. Your project will be to use resources provided in class to re-create yourself as pixel art -- then stitch it on cloth.


[narrative script]

Give those 15th century ladies stitching hearts by candlelight some credit.  There was [emphasis] literally nothing else to do.  They didn't even have any paint to watch dry.  I've got the warm glow of my television and a side lamp, my dollar store readers, my car's highbeams... anyway, its easier now, and we don't have to just stitch hearts and our initals over and over.  They were called samplers, aka "look what I can do, future husband!"  Now before you start thinking this is only for women, consider that some of the very best tailors are men.  The only reason one should not sign up is because they enjoy doing nothing at all in waiting rooms or long car rides.  

One thing that makes this hobby great is that the supplies are rather inexpensive and can be very travel-friendly.  Even a piece of cloth the size of my computer monitor can be folded down into a tiny little pocket square.

--detail supplies and what to buy

--explain how to read a pattern (Mme la Fee's Lavender Honey and Bees)

--finding your centers & getting started

So I’m counting, usually no higher than 10, I’m making sure all of my x-s are going the same way, and I’m listening to the baseball game on TV. Or I’m in the stadium stitching during those boring first few innings.   If I’m in a waiting room I’m not worrying about the doctor’s visit because my mind and my hands are occupied.

You can keep going on this if you'd like.  It's excellent practice, but we still have a project to do, right? We aren’t exactly showing our own creativity by following someone else’s pattern. So let’s make our own.

When you’re ready, join me for the next session: we'll talk pixels and you'll make up your own color key. 

--samples, inspiration, ideas

--matching floss color to pixel color

--repeat of basic instructions showing commonalities

I cannot wait to see pixelated-you in the project gallery.  I'd love to see your honey and bees work too.  If you run into any trouble please don't hesitate to contact me and together we can work through it until you have a project you're thrilled with.

In the final session I'll give you some ideas of what you can do with your work once you're finished.


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