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Go Green Logo

Hi All,

I started thinking about my logo with the words that can be associated with my logo. I wanted to make something very clean and minimal. I was sure I want to make a logo which has circle shape as its main design element.Other than that I wanted to use very few colors so that there is no confusion. I have also seen the tutorial about Color Theory of the same teacher, hence I had a fair idea about colors.I first drew a box like it was asked in the assignment and then wrote few words like Continuous growth, Clean, minimal, Calm, harmonious, balanced.I imagined a Eco company having punchline"Go Green" which can be ideal to use such a logo.The Grey color may signifythe pollution or carbon content generated by industrial companies so if this imaginary company has to represent itself through its logo , it shows continuous growth to go green.

At first I tried to use Black and red color to draw people's attention that pollution is danger by using red color but it seemed very alarming and the it did not look like a logo.It rather looked like a warning sign. Then I chnaged teh colors to make it soft and calm. The way to reach to final logo is continuously keeping those words in mind.

I hope you also like the logo.Your feedbacks will be very welcome.Thank You.


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