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Go-Go the gorilla

Go-Go's STORY ...

1. Research:

I initially researched some generic animals on Google and then narrowed down my search to focus on Gorilla as I found their features simple yet pronounced . I started researching more about them, including environments/countries they live in to get some ideas for colours, shapes and patterns. Given that gorillas come from central Africa, I looked into African culture and folklore for some inspiration.


I started sketching out the basic shapes using a piece of tracing paper on top of one of the photos I found.

I then scanned the drawing and began creating the basic shapes starting from the eyes. I really wanted to use the "fur" as a recurring element so I incorporated it right from the beginning (I really wanted to see how it would look like!). I went through various changes in colours and I am still not entirely happy with the ones I have used for the first draft (see below). I initially wanted to use warm colours, to reflect his African origins, but I just wasn't able to make it work (advice appreciated please). Adding gradients was actually a turning point, although I still feel that the drawing doesn't have enough depth.

Almost finished (no textures yet and maybe some more colour changes, plus a few things to twick still):

Final colour tests:

And the final verison with textures (fur):


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