Go Go Goose!


So I was looking at other class mates's mood boards and noticed how some had already started their's  with some sort of theme. I tried to do the same, but came up empty handed, heh. So in the end, I gave up on that and tackled the mood board assignment by grabbing a bunch of images that appealed to me for whatever reason, sorting the “why” out afterward. I found that while there was a bunch of overlap between the images, they could be lumped into 5 big groups.  


There were a lot of illustrations that were from artists that appealed to me due to a variety of reasons. content, color, rendering, or idea .


Images where some part or parts of the image/character where overexaggerated. I liked how you are able to get a quick read on these drawings and see what was most important to the artist.


I dug how, atleast for me, each of these images each had a fairly simple silhouette, yet within that still had a bunch of details to look at. 


As the title says, I found the shapes and colors of these images appealing. Also if you hadn't noticed by now, most of these images are from video games or influenced by video games. I'm sure that'll play a part in the design I end up going with.


I wasn't really trying for juxtaposition, it just kinda came about, i suppose. I liked how cute the pikmin were, but the alien look in their eyes made them kinda creepy. Putting sombreros on anything will usually win me over, but yeah, seeing all these guys grouped together highlighted the sort of "cute and creepy" or "more than meets the eye" vibe.

Anyway, I'll be toying with these images and concepts when designing my own. If you see any other sort of funky combinations or notes among these images, please dont hesitate to drop a comment :D


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