Go, Girl

Go, Girl - student project

I've always been fascinated with the written word and its use in decoration and illustration. I, however, have little training in graphic arts and I've never done any lettering project like this before. I actually build props for theater and I do a lot of fake newspaper layouts and book covers, but I love all bits of old ephemera, letterpress, Copperplate scripts, etc etc. 

I'll never again look at hand-lettered work and think it's easy now that I've tried it!

I'd like to work on lettering the phrase 'Go, girl, seek happy nights to happy days!' from Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. It's the nurse's line to Juliet, reminding her to pursue happiness at all times.

I've started playing with some layouts below. I'm very happy with the look of 'Go, Girl," but I'm struggling with the layout of the rest of the text. I like the idea of mixed styles and forms, but it's still in process. So here are some of my early attempts...

Draft #1. I like separating the SEEK part, but I'm having trouble with the negative space between Nights and Days, but I think this is the closest to my ideal aesthetic. 

Go, Girl - image 1 - student project

Draft #2- I like the idea of playing with banners, but I need to refine it more if I go in this direction....

Go, Girl - image 2 - student project

Draft #3-  For some reason, I can't get this photo to rotate properly...and I'm usually handy with this kind of stuff X_x

Anyway....I like the balance of "Happy" on the lower (right?) one, but I also like the idea of working "Seek" into a diagonal slope, as seen on the top (left?). I might experiment more with tightening up the look of the top one. 

Go, Girl - image 3 - student project

Anyone have tips on where to go from here? I'm still trying to figure out all my spacing. Excited to go forward and look in awe at the work of everyone here :)


I've been experimenting with different layouts. This is the one I'm going to work from now:

Go, Girl - image 4 - student project

Go, Girl - image 5 - student project

From here I need to work on neatening stuff up and making my flourishes more natural and intergrated to the design, I think.

Natalie Kearns
Theater Props Artisan