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Go Foward



BCM/D is a Mid-Atlantic religious non-profit that has an annual donation campaign to raise funds for ministry related community service activities. The 2014 theme, “Go Forward,” is a historical snapshot at work done in the past and linking it with work being done today. “Though standing on the shoulders of giants, Maryland and Delaware Baptists strain to ‘Go Forward’ into altitudes yet undreamed.”


To create a brandmark and art direction for the Go Forward donation campaign that connects all collateral to the theme.

Target Audience

Leaders and lay leaders in Mid-Atlantic Baptist churches who are passionate about loving neighbors and sharing Christ through local grassroots missions.


We’re looking back and leaping forward with missions.


Other annual donation campaigns and ongoing campaigns. Primaries: Annie Armstrong, Lottie Moon and Cooperative Program.

Distinguishing Characterstics

  • The organization supports, encourages and highlights grassroots mission work that is innovative and impactful.
  • Throughout their 175+ years they’ve been celebrated by their denomination for being catalysts and pioneers in the region.
  • The churches affiliated with BCM/D are known for being diverse in language and ethnicity.

Creative Considerations

  • Elements of the brandmark could potentially be used in print and mograph pieces.
  • The brandmark should creatively incorporate an arrow.


  • Energetic
  • Fresh
  • Vintage
  • Bright
  • Minimal



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