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Michael Green

Graphic Designer




Fraser, I've admired your work on Dribbble for a while now. Thanks so much for doing this class. I really enjoyed it and will definitly do more!


I didn't start the class until a bunch had already been made. As I looked, I really liked the odd animals, the ones that would never acutally get made into a sports logo (sloths, giraffes, etc.) So I brainstormed a bunch of animals that would be funny to be "Davidson-ed". 

Then I found this gem. 

Once I saw it, I was sold. I loved the idea of a derpy looking goat logo. I played in a pretty...amateur... rec-league softball team this year (won 2 games). If we play next year, maybe we could use it because we were so dang goofy on the field and it fit our team personality. 

I had a bit of trouble in the beginning with the nose shape. In my first sketches, it ended up looking more camel like. So I refined a few times and came out with some lines I really liked. I almost didn't want to add the lighter color because I liked the lines so much.

In the end, I think I got my derpy goat! 



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