Go! Eat! Do!

Go! Eat! Do! - student project

Do you love to try new things? Are you up for a fun challenge? Or perhaps you just need a more adventurous New Year's resolution? Try the Go! Eat! Do! Challenge!

Each month, go some place you've never been, eat something you've never tried, and do something you've never done! Imagine looking back at the previous year and seeing what you've accomplished. What a fulfilling year that would be!

Or, if you're not the type who enjoys a challenge and just need an idea for something fun to try or a vacation to take, this app will work just as well.

User's are able to help their fellow adventurers by recommending their own ideas. With the tap of a button, add that recommendation to your own to-do list! When you have your next adventure or meal planned, add the details to your calendar. Use the tagging system to see if everyone thinks it really does 'taste like chicken' or if indoor skydiving is just as exciting as the real thing.Go! Eat! Do! - image 1 - student project

UPDATE 5/24/13

Like this idea for design - have three different colors, one for Go, one for Eat and one for Do. And have a little icon for each, as well:

Go! Eat! Do! - image 2 - student project